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About Us

Career Services Staff


Our Services

The Center for Career and Professional Development is here to assist you. All of our services are available to current students and alumni.

Our Staff

Our staff  works hard to provide information and support to students, faculty, staff, and employers. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your needs. 

Our Data

The Center for Career & Professional Development works to make informed decisions utilizing appropriate data. To view our First-Destination Survey, appointment, DegreePlus, and demographic data please visit our career outcomes page..


The Center for Career and Professional Development’s mission enhances the teaching and learning of students and alumni by supporting them in the development of self-awareness, identification and integration of career and academic goals with real-world experiences, and expansion and articulation of professional competencies to succeed in post-graduate experiences.


To be regionally recognized as a provider of expertise on college student professional development and to connect students, faculty, and community partners for the economic development of our region.

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