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Forensic Anthropology Body Donation Information

Forensic Anthropology FOREST Facility

WCU's Forensic Osteology Research Facility (FOREST)

WCU's Willed Body Donation Program

WCU's forensic anthropology program accepts willed body donations for use in our forensic anthropology laboratory, the WCHIL and human decomposition facility, the FOREST.

You may fill out our paperwork in order to begin the process of donation, or a body may be donated after death by the next-of-kin. Willed bodies are used in various educational, research, and service activities at WCU.
Body Donation FAQs.

WCU's Willed Body Donation Paperwork:

1. Body Donation Checklist

2. Body Donation Policies

3A. Contract for Bequeathing Remains

3B. Contract for donation of decedent's remains

4. Body Donation Questionnaire

5. Informed Consent for use of Anatomical Willed-Body Donations

To submit completed paperwork, or questions regarding WCU's forensic anthropology willed body program, please contact us at:

For anyone interested in the legal details about body donation this information can be found in the Anatomical Gift Act

Donation of Cremated Remains

WCU's forensic anthropology program will accept donations of cremated remains. We suggest cremation prior to donation: if a donor has an infectious disease at the time of his or her death, if a donor weighs more than 250 pounds, if embalming has taken place, or if it is the preferred choice of the deceased or the next-of-kin. If an infectious disease is involved, prior authorization is required before a cremation can be accepted.

As with standard donations, prior arrangements must be made with a funeral home or a crematorium to facilitate the process of transfer to WCU. Due to the cost of cremation the WCU cannot pay for the cremation. This will be the responsibility of the next-of-kin or the estate of the deceased.

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