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Political Science Program

political science class


WCU offers both major a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in political science. The B.A. requires advanced training in a foreign language to prepare you for a global business and policy career environment, and the B.S. requires the completion of undergraduate research. Each offer a choice of focus from among traditional subfields of political science: American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory. In addition, we offer a variety of courses in public administration and public law. Every Political Science class at WCU is taught by faculty a faculty member who holds a PhD.

Career Opportunities

A degree in political science will offers a wealth of career options. Alumni from our department have found positions in government service from local to state to federal levels. Many of our majors have worked on political campaigns, continued studying to become lawyers, or ventured into the world of business.

We take great pride—and have found equal success—in helping our graduates gain admission into both law and graduate school. Our program provides you with the foundation you need to compete on any level.

Our students also have been admitted to MPA programs at universities including Syracuse University, NC State University, and Western Carolina University. Students who are interested in pursuing law school have been admitted to universities including Harvard, Chicago, Duke, and the Universities of North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. Students have also been admitted to PhD programs at Penn State University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Georgia, Michigan State University, Washington State University, and more. Regardless of your area of interest, our program provides you with the foundation you need to compete on any level.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Are you a transfer student seeking a B.S. in Political Science from WCU? Download the 2+2 Plan

Minor in Political Science

The minor requires 18 hours in political science:  including PSC 101; PSC 169 or INST 200; and 12 hours of electives (at the 200 level and above).

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